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Universal 16" Pole Top Mount & Long Skirt (Antenna Exposed)

$2,195.00 USD

Our 16” wide (outside dimension) pole top mounts are sold as a 3-part complete assembly and a couple miscellaneous items included if needed. Each assembly includes all stainless-steel hardware needed to mount to the pole and conceal the antenna. The exterior of the skirt comes primer coat flat gray with UV protection.

The 3 main parts included with each assembly:

  • Our Universal mounting base Patent D921,474 securely mounts from 3” to 13” wide poles.
  • Our Universal 14 ¾”H upper cage Patent D921,620 works with most antennas, (optional upper drop-in star available for 1” center mount antennas)
  • Choose your optional meter mount. (If needed)

All items can be customized if needed, but greatly add to lead times. Custom metal parts typically add 4+ weeks and custom ABS usually 6-10 weeks depending on the complexity of the mold needed.

Our Universal mounting base Patent D921,474 is designed to install on a wide variety of steel/wood poles and antennas. The pole top mount is designed to support a 16” wide cylindrical antenna. The outer two-piece clam-shell lower skirt is designed to conceal the mounting base. This pole top mount is also available with optional interior meter mount.

4G / 5G - Universal 16" Pole Top Mount & Long Skirt Spec Sheet

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